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Indonesia - a market overview

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2017 in the Indonesian Transport and Logistics Sector

Indonesia’s prospects are looking good. South-East Asia’s biggest economy is growing, its 260 million population experiencing greater purchasing power, and the nation’s ambition is second to none. Transport and logistics is playing no small part in establishing Indonesia as a regional leader and world power- and this is set to continue in 2017.
ITE Transport & Logistics has identified a number of key trends and talking points regarding Indonesia’s transport and logistics sector to be on the lookout for in 2017. Read on to learn more.

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Transport and Logistics in Indonesia: a free market report

Indonesia is South East Asia’s largest economy, and is a country packed with opportunities in its transport and logistics sector. This 37 page report starts with general information - an overview of Indoensia's economy, the geographical factors that influence the transport and logistics solutions the country needs - the guide then looks into Indonesian transport and logistics in real depth. This includes a sector-by-sector look at Indonesia's infrastructure - rail, sea, air and road - as well as an overview of the major projects that require general and specialised transportation.

Transport and Logistics in Indonesia: building a better future

The geography of Indonesia presents some big challenges for logistics and transport operators. Stretching across 17,500 islands, 5 million square kilometres of sea and a total land area of 1,919,317 square kilometres, the archipelago country is huge. 
Despite the geographical factors, the government has pledged to drastically improve Indonesia’s transport infrastructure. President Joko Widodo has pledged that his administration will massively invest in updating the nation’s roads, ports, railways and airports.


Indonesia's plan to transform its ports

Indonesia is badly in need of new capacity for its ports to remove the chokehold that poor infrastructure is applying on the country’s growth. The country’s main port of Tanjung Priok, which handles 70% of all Indonesia’s cross-border trade, is operating at 50% over capacity, leading to increased load times and frustration among the shippers and exporters looking to tap into the massive potential that Indonesia offers.
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